Semianr on 23.10.2010 in Kenzingen

At the beginning of the course we tried our hand at skill exercises with the sticks.
This included first throwing one, then two, three and four sticks back and forth. One hand was caught, then the stick was changed into the other hand and thrown.
One or the other stick was thrown to the ground and provided amusement for the neighbouring practice partners until they dropped the sticks themselves.
After the warm-up and dexterity program, different combinations of sticks and blocks were practiced.
For the short break the Dojo Kenzingen had organized sandwiches and drinks. This was gratefully accepted by the participants.
The second part of the course continued with various block and disarmament techniques. Roland Herlt and Ralf Kaufmann were there to help us with words and deeds when we couldn't go any further.
In the end all participants were not only enthusiastic about the deepening of known and new techniques, but also that they had met again the fellow members of the other dojos.
In the evening most of the participants sat together for dinner and talked about the seminar and many other things.
Many thanks to the speakers for their efforts.

Author of the text
Torsten Zumpf