Examination Seminar in Leipzig

Despite bright sunshine and a blue weekend sky, on 27.09.2014 numerous Arnis enthusiasts from the dojos Braunschweig-Rautheim, Königslutter and Leipzig were drawn to the judo hall of the Leipzig riot police. Here a training course took place from 1-6 p.m. under the direction of master Roland Herlt (7th Dan). Topic was the examination program of the respective graduation.
Master Roland Herlt began with a loose warming. Afterwards he assigned a higher-graduated training partner from Braunschweig-Rautheim or Königslutter to each Leipzig student. The techniques required for the graduations thus received their final polish. Master Roland Herlt was on hand to advise and correct if necessary.
After the coffee break with cakes, fruit and biscuits, the team started again in a row.
Master Roland Herlt asked Torsten Zumpf (2nd Dan) without further ado to go to the side hall for the examination with five of his Leipzig students instead of two as originally announced. Visibly surprised, the unscheduled candidates followed him.
While Master Roland Herlt took the examination, the other participants of the training under the direction of Bruno Hendris (3rd Dan) continued the training in the judo hall.
As surprise guest Torsten Kosuch (6th Dan Jiu Jitsu, 2nd master degree DMFV, 2nd Dan Bo Jitsu) appeared in the last third of the course and taught the guests from outside how to use the knife.
The Leipzig students were now allowed to choose which techniques they wanted to deepen. Master Roland Herlt was available for questions and hints.
The newcomers in Arnis were very impressed how seemingly effortlessly the dancing rattan stick of the master in harmoniously rounded movements let the entire force of the attacks dry up in blocks rich in variations. At the same time Master Roland Herlt continued to use the opponent's energy and let the subsequent disarming end playfully with counter techniques.

At the end of the training course, all candidates, visibly relieved, held their certificates of passing the test in their hands.

In conclusion it can be said:
We all had a lot of fun together and learned a lot. We successfully remedied technical deficiencies and how could it be otherwise, discovered many new weaknesses in us.
Once again it has been shown that although Arnis has destructive power, when used correctly he can unite not only body, mind and soul but also people in harmony.

Author of the text
Stefanie Klohn, Andy Persdorf