Examination program on 28.2. in the Dojo Rautheim/Braunschweig

New year - new happiness, or just a matter of practice?
17 Arnis enthusiasts from Rautheim, Königslutter and Leipzig did not leave and have met to train and deepen the techniques.
The topic: examination program.
At the beginning, the warm-up training. The first step into the unit was the whirling.
with one and two sticks. As we speed through the air the sticks are
heard Sinawali promptly change the sound to a clack- clack- clack- clack-Rhythm with a clearly increased volume level.
The Safeties were used in the following. These have the advantage that you can hit the target without hurting your partner. So the defender with Safetie was challenged to set himself in motion and to practice different directions and distance variations. With a Safetie you can not
only defend, but also attack, and that was also equal to
I tried it out. The first step was to block and then to initiate a follow-up technique before the training partner scored a goal.
Then the first break was rung in, in which we strengthened ourselves with coffee, cake, sweets and fruit.
Afterwards, the advanced players dealt with the defense against
several opponents and freestyle.
The second break gave energy for the final session in which we practiced blocking with our elbows.
While the clock just showed half past two, five minutes later it claimed it's almost 6 p.m., what can you do?
But there was a surprise for 2 participants from Leipzig. Senior Master Roland gave all participants new exercises and kept the 2 Leipziger with her trainer Torsten in the room. One saw clearly the emerging recognition of the situation with both. In spite of the unexpected examination they mastered these excellently and accepted exhausted but happy their certificates for the 6th klase. Congratulations also on this way.

The training was over, the training course and the friendly atmosphere still
not by a long shot. The day was rounded off with a meal together and for
many went on the next day to the knife training course.

Author of the text
Tessa Bauer