Honour for Grandmaster Wolfgang Schnur

During the IPMAF-Camp from June 4 - 7, 2015 a big surprise was waiting for the participants concerning our grandmaster Wolfgang Schnur.

GM Ernesto Presas Jr. called the highest graduated representative of the MAMD forward and
presented him with two plaques for GM Wolfgang Schnur.

The first plaque is a special certificate for Lakan Sampu (10th Dan). This honour was announced to GM Wolfgang already one year before in a letter.

The second plaque is awarded for 30 years of membership in the IPMAF.

Both awards were printed on Mamor and look great. We were very happy about it. Unfortunately GM Wolfgang Schnur could not be present himself, so that Senior Master Roland Herlt handed him the plaques in Germany with best greetings from GM Presas Jr. after returning from the camp in Austria.

Author of the text
Torsten Zumpf