Master examination in Japanese sword fighting passed

At the weekend at the beginning of December 3 sport friends took part in the exam for the 1st and 2nd Dan in Iaido.
Iaido is a Japanese martial art which has been in the martial arts school for 15 years.
Bushido - Ryu 1990 e. V. in Wernigerode.
Grandmaster Wolfgang Schnur 10th Dan examined the techniques shown.
The exam preparation in Iaido lasted one year. Ceremony and Katas were super and so it came that our Sensei and trainer Harry had to go on the mat himself and underlined the shown achievements of his students once again. He passed the examination for the 4th Dan.

Wolfhard Preuß to the 1st Dan
Andreas Niebuhr to the 1st Dan
Nadja Suchland to 2nd Dan
Harry Sagan to 4th Dan