Espada y Daga (Stock & Kurzstock / Messer)

Seminar with Instructor Roland Herlt (5th DAN)

On Sunday we (the people from Braunschweig, Königslutter and Leipzig) met in the Wilfried's Dojo in Rautheim, to be introduced to the secrets of the Espada y Daga. The nice weather had transferred to our mood, and so we tackled all the challenges easily and with verve. There was no lack of challenges. First there were the attack techniques of the Espada y Daga, not impossible, but different than usual. In order to internalize this order, we immediately put it into partner exercises and then with different blocks in combination with counter techniques. Because of great "popularity" also with the left hand.
2 hours later it came to the culinary highlight: sausage muffin, muffin sausage, muffin sausage muffin, sausage sausage muffin or vice versa. Thanks to thehe honorable donors Sebastian and the birthday boy Patrick.
After the break there was a combination exercise, which was difficult with the right hand but nigh impossible with the left hand. But as we all could see, Roland showed us that the techniques could be easily applied on both sides. Nevertheless, sooner or later everyone internalized the many techniques of walking forwards and backwards with horizontal and vertical stitches, diagonal cuts and Abanico.
We concluded our course with five basic combination techniques from the Espada y Daga ... of course also with the left hand ... and a joint final drink (0.0% vol.).

Author of the text
Tessa Bauer
Name of photographer
Sebastian Pfeiffer