Course in October 2019

With halfway acceptable weather and much too early it started for us Leipziger on 19 October 2019 to Braunschweig. Once again a training course. Finally again! Much too long was the last training course already ago. Whole 6 weeks.
Pleased we all arrived halfway rested in Braunschweig and could start. Under the guidance of Guro Wilfried Fischer and Gura Renate Kinder we started. First a general warm-up program and then the training program. The theme of the Saturday session was both liberation and paddling techniques. Actually an old hat for the advanced. But you always learned something new. Even if it was only small things or a small change in the mastery of the technique, the head was still filled.
After a short refreshment with coffee and sweets we went on. A short repetition stood on the program and then on to the 2nd part, the paddle techniques. Uff. There I thought yes I can already some, but was once again a better one taught. Rethinking was thought of. And small improvements cost the last brain fat. After an intensive session the course was already over.
With farewell greetings and the promise of seeing you again soon, we drove back to Leipzig exhausted but satisfied.

Author of the text
Manuel Lindel