Examinations seminar on March 1st

The first training course of the year and to start the topic was examination program. Fortunately, the weather played along and enabled the 21 participants of the course from the dojos Braunschweig-Rautheim, Königslutter and Leipzig to attend the course either outdoors in sunshine or in the dojo.
After the intensive warm-up training, the candidates were each assigned a higher-grade pupil from Braunschweig-Rautheim or Königslutter, who were then to view and correct the respective examination program. Master Roland Herlt (6th Dan) and Bruno Hendris (3rd Dan) were also available to help with questions or to improve the techniques. Through constant repetition, the last subtleties were practiced and
corrected any errors. Most of them felt more or less ready for the exam.
After about 2 hours the first specimens were pulled out. There was a surprise. Stefanie from the Dojo Leipzig was tested contrary to her expectations.
Most of the exams took place before the first break, so that for many the obligatory look into the theory program failed. This led to a very interesting Spanish-American-Philippine history lesson.
After the completion of most of the examinations, some of the members took care of the physical well-being of the course participants again. The praise is due to Wilfried (coffee) and Tessa and Johanna (cake).
Strengthened the participants then started the second part of the training course. For those who had not yet passed the exam, it was time to take the exam. Those who had already been examined before the break could then take a short excursion into the next examination program with the support of higher-grade students.
As usual, the course was over much too quickly after the exams had finished, of course, and when they started there was the good news: everyone had passed their exams and could pick up their certificates with a smile on their exhausted faces.
As always in Braunschweig-Rautheim, delicious sausages and potato salad were served at the end of the successful course (praise again to Wilfried). After the convivial get-together, the remaining course participants set off. The next day the DMFV knife course took place for some of them.

Author of the text
Manuel Lindel