Mano Mano Seminar

On 11.10.2014 we met at the Dojo Braunschweig/Rautheim for a seminar with the topic Mano Mano. Thanks to the pleasant weather we could train outside.
After some warm-up exercises we started with preparation techniques for powerful blocks. We were happy when Master Roland Herlt switched to the Mano Mano basic techniques. Then we practiced blocks against fist attacks.
After the break, in which we refreshed the spirits with some coffee and a few biscuits, different blocks were practiced with simultaneous counter technique. But that was already the preparation for the last part of the course - blocking and avoiding attacks with baseball bats. We tried different techniques that we had practiced before. In the end we realized that a baseball bat is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.
The course was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. We thank Master Roland for this interesting course and also for his patience in explaining when a technique didn't work immediately.

Author of the text
Torsten Zumpf
Name of photographer
Roland Herlt