Anniversary Seminar Dojo Leipzig

„Mein Leipzsch lob isch mir“ ("I praise my Leipzsch") was the title of Goethe's Faust on art and culture in Messestadt. On 06/22/2013, art was also in the foreground for many visitors from all over Germany. The Dojo Fudoshin had invited to the 20th anniversary and many followed this invitation.

For the numerous Sensei and students of the Dojo the day began early, some still had the training from the previous day in their bones, but this did not stop them from making all the preparations for an interesting and successful course.

When the first guests finally arrived at 9 am everything was ready and we found the time for the first coffee of the day or a lively conversation. Punctually at 10 am the seminar started with a common greeting and a few words of the Vice President Administration of the WJJF-D and founder of the Dojo Fudoshin Torsten Kosuch (6th Dan Jiu Jitsu), who welcomed all guests. The teachers Wolfgang Schnur (9th Dan Kombatan), Sepp Oberhollenzer (7th Dan Jiu Jitsu), Dieter Ritter (7th Dan Jiu Jitsu), Richard Schmidt (6th Dan Jiu Jitsu), Ulli Häßner (6th Dan Jiu Jitsu) and Roland Herlt (6th Dan Kombatan) all praised the excellent work of the Dojo and appreciated its long existence.

Afterwards the training groups were divided and the Tatami were opened for training. Something was there for every participant, Dieter Ritter fascinated the numerous children and teenagers with SV suitable defense techniques and all sorts of wisdom about confident behaviour. Sepp Oberhollenzer demonstrated various wrist levers which met with great interest of the numerous dancers. Grand Master Wolfgang Schnur was not only able to score points with the students from the Modern Arnis / Mano Mano area, but also made everyone enthusiastic by his appearance and the techniques shown. Exhausted from the units, a lunch break was quite right for everyone, in which, besides strengthening cakes and drinks, also a Saxon speciality, the "Speckfettbemm" (the counterpart to the Swabian "Butterbrezzle") could be tried.

After the break everyone went on strengthened. Now the training with sticks of different lengths was on the program. On the one hand the Hanbo was trained under the direction of Richie Schmidt and on the other hand Roland Herlt showed insights into the handling of the Arnis poles, which are much shorter than a Hanbo. So the Jiu-Ka as well as the Arnis students could move on, for them, unusual but interesting terrain. Of course, besides the intensive training with weapons, also the weaponless training was not neglected. Ulrich Häßner strained the joints of the course participants with various techniques from the Kansetsu Waza area.

Around 4 pm all participants came together to say goodbye to the Tatami to end an interesting and exciting training day in Leipzig.

Also here, as already at the opening of the course, there was room for honours which were now addressed by the students and master students of the Dojo Fudoshin to their longtime trainer Steffen Lingslebe, Karsten Sydow, Torsten Zumpf as well as Torsten Kosuch to thank them for their sacrificial work in the Dojo.

After a smooth dismantling of the Tatami we could walk to the comfortable part of the day. Thus numerous participants and lecturers gathered in the evening in a stylish Asian ambience and enjoyed themselves at numerous buffets.

For one of those present, the evening had a very special surprise in store that he had not expected. Thus Torsten Zumpf, the training leader of the Modern Arnis group in the Dojo Fudoshin was lent by the grandmaster Wolfgang Schnur of the Lakan Isa (1st Dan). And so the jubilee course in Leipzig came to a comfortable end.

The Dojo Fudoshin thanks all its companions, sponsors and friends. We hope also in the future for many interesting and beautiful common hours in the spirit of Budo.

Author of the text
Toni und Erik Harnisch