A short long day - examination seminar March 2nd, 2013

Saturday morning. After getting up, a look out of the window and another cloudy cold winter day in March. In the throat a light cold scratching starting, but today is the 2nd of March and - training course day.

Another check of the announcement and the equipment. This promises "nothing good", examination program was the topic of the seminar. Although I had practiced countless times before for a possible examination, there is always a little bit of a residual feeling, but I think that is the case with many of them.
On top of that, there is the inner piggy-back that has to be overcome, because on such a gloomy day everyone feels most at home in the warm room of their loved ones at home.

A small group with 14 participants from the Dojo Rautheim, Königslutter and Leipzig met punctually shortly before 1 pm to the beginning of the course. Still a little chatted and then the clammy winter members were warmed up to the training.
When the temperature in the dojo had increased slightly due to the warm-up training, the actual topic was discussed, the examination programme. Again and again the required techniques of the respective class were repeated until everyone became more and more secure in their respective topics. The advanced students went through the topics of the previous exams again. After all, this could also be asked. Of course the trainers corrected us again and again and intervened tirelessly to prevent small mistakes from creeping in.

At some point the sense of time disappeared and everyone was surprised when the first break started, with the hint from Roland that some exams will be taken afterwards.
So, first a little refreshment and by the way the theory program of the respective exam was rehearsed.

After the break the exams were taken separately and of course everyone hoped that they would pass them successfully. Meanwhile everyone else practiced diligently further and also one or other continuing Schmankerl (techniques) of the coaches showed. If you just didn't know what to do or just couldn't keep everything in your head during the long time you were shown, you helped each other.

As fast as this small training course report reads, the remaining training course time was over. It is hard to believe how fast the hands really jumped from 1 pm to 6 pm. So again the formation and then the nice thing: the announcement of the passed examinations. The delivery of the documents conjured a joyful acknowledgment of all participants onto the nevertheless a little exhausted faces.

Afterwards there were still yummy sausages with potato salad and other supplements which rounded the day off.

Again a thanks of all to the coaches and diligent little helpers, who made a successful training day possible again from a dull winter day.


Author of the text
Patrick Raddatz