International Budo Seminar June 16-22 2011

Kalimera “Three German Kombatan Missionaries in Greece“

The two Arnis fighters Bruno Hendris (Dojo Braunschweig / Rautheim) and Roland Herlt (Dojo TSGK Königslutter) started at 7 am from Hannover Airport to Athens in Greece to represent the Modern Arnis & Mano Mano at the international Budo Seminar ... äh ... to spread. Additionally we got support from Ralf Notter (Dojo Herbolzheim).
The Greek culture and language were foreign to Bruno and Roland and so the adventure began on the way from Athens airport to Amarinthos on the island of EVIA. Arriving at the airport in Athens, the two North Germans met Stefan (Dojo Penzberg), an experienced Greek scout, who navigated us with the city bus and several bus changes in a mystical way to Amarinthos to the pension. To the question: How we would come back, Stefan answered calmly: The same way. *Gulp* ... our machetes, ropes, swim rings, maps and compass had stayed at home.
In the hotel we were welcomed warmly and had our first Greek meal in the neighbouring restaurant. In the course of time more and more Budo athletes arrived and joined us at the table, which became bigger and bigger.
On the following day we explored the beach conditions and the place where we met in the evening in a Greek restaurant at a reunion celebration. During the meal and wine a lot was told and ended at midnight with a red full moon on the beach, whereby three did not check the sea temperature quite voluntarily. Wet, but nice and warm.
In the next 4 days we were under the spell of the arrived national and international instructors, who presented us a super training from the different styles. Ralf (4th Dan), Bruno (2nd Dan) and Roland (5th Dan) presented the Modern Arnis - Mano Mano as representatives.
Dietmar (organizer) had a sophisticated training schedule after Budo sports guidelines, so that everyone in his or her own country can style came to the fore. Nevertheless he said: "If you had a plan, it was changed, if you had no plan, it was changed. That's Greek."
And so we were able to benefit from a Greek plan change to explore the Acropolis in the heart of Athens. The very impressive temples were built between 467 B.C. and 406 B.C., basically about 2450 years ago.
After the sightseeing tour the common training continued to be in the main focus demanding a lot of concentration and physical fitnes from all participants.
Between the training units we could cool off in the sea or in the Beach coffee to balance the spent energy with an iced coffee.
Instructors and trainers who presented their styles: Dietmar Schmidt, 8th Dan - Zendo Ryu Karate Do (Greece), Rudolf Gabert, 8th Dan - Jiujitsu/Ido (Germany), Wolfgang Wimmer, 7th Dan - Iaido/Hanbo (Germany), Thomas Haumüller, 5th Dan - Shotokan Karate Do/Aikijitsu (Germany), Roland Herlt 5th Dan - Modern Arnis Mano Mano (Germany), Adam Adamski, 5th Dan - Aikido (Poland), Ralf Notter 4th Dan - Modern Arnis Mano Mano (Germany), Artur Marchewka, 3rd Dan - Shin-Ai-Do Karate (Poland), Martin Mittermeier, 3rd Dan - Taekwon-Do/Qigong (Germany), Nick Tsoupakis, Sifu - Tai Chi Chuan (Greece) Spiros Koukouletas, 2nd Dan - Hapkido, (Greece) Christos Zerulis, 2nd Dan - Judo (Greece) George Avgeris, 1st Dan - Judo (Greece) Florian Beulich (Flo) - Abada Capoeira (Germany).
On the last day before the departure the closing ceremony "Farewell party with Greek live band in Amarinthos / Evia" was in the main focus. The evening was rounded off with a very tasty menu, Budo sporting awards and a Greek dance. A super successful and outstanding international Budo seminar. Many thanks for the organizers and speakers.
By the way, the other day the two Northern Germans, via the help of a Carpool, found the way to Athens airport even without equipment.
And they will come back!

Author of the text
Roland Herlt