Summer Camp 2008

From 11th to 16th August 2008 the summer camp of the MAMD took place on the Feldberg in the Black Forest. Shortly after our arrival the Black Forest showed us its wet side and a drizzle began which lasted more or less 2 days. The participants of the summer camp were disturbed only conditionally, because training was in the foreground and a hall was available.
The speakers were Grand Master Pepe Tan Yap (9th Dan) from the Philippines, Grand Master Wolfgang Schnur (9th Dan) and Ralf Kaufmann (3rd Dan). They showed techniques with one stick, double stick as well as techniques with the Bo. But also the weaponless training did not come too briefly.

On Wednesday a training break was taken and the participants took part in a trip to the ski museum in Hinterzarten and a boat tour on the Titisee. Now the Black Forest showed its beautiful side and the sun was shining all day long. The hike to the boat landing stage, past cow pastures and through the forest was very pleasant and everyone was looking forward to the promised coffee and cake after the round trip.

Relaxed and full of thirst for knowledge, the participants listened to the speakers again the following day and practiced the techniques shown. Due to the nice weather it was also possible to train outside the hall on the sports field. Some participants prepared themselves under the guidance of Roland Herlt (4th Dan) for their exam, which was taken on the last training day and passed by all.

In the evening of the penultimate day there were grill sausages and a campfire. Apparently the Black Forest did not trust our caution and tried to extinguish the flames with renewed rain. But the participants were not disturbed by this and it was a cozy evening where everyone discussed the camp week and other topics. At the end each participant got a cup with a group photo on one side and a photo with GM Pepe Tan Yap and GM Wolfgang Schnur on the other side.

The participants thank the speakers and the organization team for this summer camp.

Author of the text
Torsten Zumpf (translated with