Summer Camp 2001

This year the surprise was successful and we could welcome our grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas (Lakan Sampu) in our center, in Königslutter. Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas (10th Dan Kombatan, 7th Dan Karate, 5th Dan Kendo and 3rd Dan in Combat Judo) is the highest president of the IPMAF (International Philippin Martial Arts Federation). GM Presas is one of the world's best Arnis fighters, world ambassador of his sport, a top star in Budo.

The TSG-Königslutter under the direction of Wolfgang Schnur (7th Dan Kombatan, Chief-Instructur of Europe) organized the summer camp 2001 in the beautiful surroundings of the Elms in Falkenheim in Langeleben. Further training sessions were offered in the dojos Weningerode, Königslutter and Braunschweig with Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas.

Under the direction of GM Presas there was a lot of training. He showed us litters and stings. As he said to us, he gives us his key on the way and the sense of the Modern Arnis - Mano Mano.
Our instructor Wolfgang Schnur (TSG-Königslutter, Chief-Instructur of Europe) as well as 50 participants came from all over Germany. In a hard training program the techniques were transmitted. Due to the excellent performances, Grandmaster Ernesto awarded Wolfgang Schnur the dignity of Grandmaster and 8th Dan.