Summer Camp 2010

The MAMD Summer Camp 2010 was organized by the Dojo Leipzig and took place this time from August 2nd - 7th in Naunhof near Leipzig. In the "Object Grillensee" we could train outside as well as in bad weather inside. Fortunately there was very little bad weather.

Roland Herlt (5th Dan), Ralf Kaufmann (4th Dan) and Ralf Notter (4th Dan) were at our disposal as trainers. They were supported by Bruno Hendris (1st Dan) and Wolfgang Schnur (9th Dan) gave one or the other helpful hint as well.

On the day of arrival the participants arrived little by little. Some of the participants already knew each other from training courses or the summer camp 2008. The rooms were quickly occupied and some participants met for a first training session before the official start.
After the opening with the usual speeches, training continued until dinner. After the meal there were some people who wanted to train again and continued to swing sticks for about one hour. Afterwards the participants sat together in the lounge. Others used the opportunity to play table tennis or to work on the foosball table.

In the morning of the second day we practiced the art of archery. For this we went to a neighbouring shooting club. Some of the "Robin Hoods" in training even hit the middle of the target. But since there were no repetitions, it was probably more a coincidence than a skill.
In the afternoon training commenced until dinner. And again some used the hour after dinner for another session.
In the evening the participants sat together again in a loose round and there was a spontaneous language course about the local dialect. In a good mood everyone went to bed at a late hour and looked forward to the trip the next day.

The third day was a training free day. We were picked up at 9 am by bus and drove to Leipzig to the Zoological Garden. Here there was a guided tour and afterwards everyone could explore the zoo or the nearby city centre. At 5 pm we drove back to the camp. During the trip the impressions were exchanged. Some participants used the trip to rest a bit.
On this evening we had a barbecue, followed by a campfire where everyone sat together.

The fourth day was all about training. The training lasted from early morning until evening. During the training there was the possibility for some participants to show their skills. This was watched and checked by GM Wolfgang Schnur. In the evening everyone was exhausted but happy and everyone was looking forward to the relaxing part of sitting together and letting the day fade away. Congratulations to all who have reached the next level.

On the fifth day there was again a lot of training. Some participants announced that their receptiveness was exhausted and that they had enough to spend the next time at home training.
In the evening everyone sat together again and chatted about the week and other topics.

The last day brought the farewell from the camp. All participants had a hearty breakfast and then drove home.