Unexpected Dan Examination

Besides the Arnis training on Tuesday and Thursday in the Driebehalle in Königslutter, the training will also take place in Braunschweig/Rautheim. To one of these training days, on 07/04/2013, especially the members Bruno Hendris and Thomas Schwaner were invited to Rautheim.
When they arrived there, they took over the official training, actually nothing special. After some time GM Wolfgang Schnur appeared. He asked the two trainees into an extra room, isolated from the others. Something strange went through their heads. They were asked about weaponless techniques, anyos and disarmament techniques, with and without weapons. Always new questions were asked. The training became harder and harder from minute to minute. The sweat ran and the excitement intensified.
After a long demonstration of what had been learned, Grand Master Wolfgang Schnur and Master Roland Herlt stepped up to the exhausted sport colleagues.
Bruno Hendris and Thomas Schwaner had successfully passed the 3rd Dan (Lakan Tatlo) Modern Arnis examination. They were congratulated and handed the examination certificate.

Author of the text
Thomas Schwaner
Name of photographer
Renate Kinder