There are a total of 10 student levels and 10 Dan levels. Belts in different colours, the knots of which are worn on the right hip, make the respective graudations visible.
The beginner starts without a belt. Then the belt colours white, yellow, green, blue and brown follow. Each belt colour is checked twice. The first examination contains the skill level in the stick and weapon area and the second examination refers to the weaponless training program. Optically, a black band on the belt distinguishes the respective graduation.
The 1. Dan forms the conclusion of the student training. Examination programs exist until the 2nd Dan. After that every Dan-bearer should work on the perfection of his own technique. If not already as a student, then special fields will develop at the latest now, on which the Dan-bearer will concentrate particularly. Therefore further examinations are still carried out, but there are no special programs for these. Optically a Dan-bearer is to be recognized by the black belt with red edge. He is also entitled to wear a Bolero.


Overview of the student levels

Level Beginner 10. Klase 9. Klase 8. Klase 7. Klase 6. Klase 5. Klase 4. Klase 3. Klase 2. Klase 1. Klase
Belt colour no belt white white with black band yellow yellow with black band green green with black band blue blue with black band brown brown with black band



Overview of the Dan levels

Level 1. Dan 2. Dan 3. Dan 4. Dan 5. Dan 6. Dan 7. Dan 8. Dan 9. Dan 10. Dan
Title Guro Instructor Junior Master Senior Master Grandmaster