Training Guideline

GM Ernesto Presas Sr. and GM Wolfgang Schnur practice The training program of the Modern Arnis - Mano Mano Organisation Deutschland teaches the style of our Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas and is confirmed by him. It covers on the one hand the weapon fight, on the other hand the weaponless self-defence (see Kombatan). However, the general examination regulations contain only a fraction of this.
Since the higher graduated students focus on free self-defence, it is quite possible to introduce techniques that are not anchored in the training guidelines of the MAMD. The MAMD also tolerates the techniques of other systems, so that for example representatives of other martial arts are not forced to do without their specific techniques, which they have acquired over many years. This opens up possibilities to combine existing martial arts knowledge with the real self-defense principles of Modern Arnis - Mano Mano. Particular emphasis is placed on the "suitability for everyday use" in real self-defense.