18.03.2023 – Seminar Modern Arnis / Kombatan

On 18.03.2023, a training course of the MAMD took place in Leipzig under the direction of Instructor Torsten Zumpf. Students and experts from the dojos Halberstadt, Königslutter, Penzberg and Weddel accepted the invitation, of course together with the local Arnisadores from Instructor Torsten's dojo in Leipzig.

Even a delayed start of the course due to an irritated hall attendant ("You have a key, don't you?") could not dampen the mood of the participants, the warm rays of sunshine and the joy of seeing long-time companions again and getting to know new training colleagues were too nice. Moreover, there was no question that the missed time (+X) would simply be put on the back burner.

After the long-awaited key finally arrived, after a few warm words from instructor Torsten and the joint greeting, a photo was quickly taken together. Afterwards, the group started with a relaxed warm-up.

After that, instructor Torsten started with one of the basics of Modern Arnis, the 8-round strikes in motion. Relatively simple, actually more of an extension of the warm-up programme, one would think. But far from it, because Torsten showed students and experts alike where the pitfalls of incorrectly conditioned movements lie, namely snapping the forearm from the elbow. Effective, powerful strikes are namely delivered from the shoulder (and later from the body). Additionally, this prevents you from massively damaging your elbows over time. Of course, this is not everything that makes up a well-managed punch, but this topic alone would already fill pages. However, if you are interested in this topic, you are strongly advised to attend further MAMD courses.

Afterwards, instructor Torsten showed the start of a Sombrada drill, which he expanded and extended bit by bit until it finally ended in different continuations and/or disarms. The quite complex sequences with the different options for ending the drill gradually made the heads of the participants smoke. Short breaks, during which the hosts generously provided fruit, biscuits, sweets and coffee, provided the necessary breathing space and kept the participants' concentration. Finally, training took place in tilt groups, with some preparing for the knife course the following day under the guidance of Instructor Torsten and others training under the guidance of Guro Alexander Anjos.

Many thanks to Instructor Torsten for the challenging, but not overstraining, course and to all supporters for the preparation and implementation!

Author of the text
Patrick L.
Name of photographer
Mandy D.