13. & 14.04.2024 – Vital points / Mano Mano

On April 13 and 14, 2024, Grand Master Roland Herlt (8th DAN) and Instructor Wilfried Fischer (5th DAN) invited us to a 2-day Modern Arnis course in Königslutter. The topic of the course was to be vital points and our unarmed system "Mano Mano". Over the two days, instructor Wilfried demonstrated a large number of so-called vital and nerve pressure points on the bodies of the trainees. These are points that are used in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and acupressure to alleviate pain or other complaints. However, the participants quickly realized that the vital points are sometimes referred to as pain points for a reason. This is because "improper" stimulation of these points in no way leads to pain relief. Improper stimulation refers to forcefully hitting, poking or pricking these points. These points may still be easy to reach on yourself or a stationary partner. However, the situation is different with a moving attacker. It was then Grandmaster Roland's task to demonstrate how to fend off an attack and at the same time how best to reach the corresponding points. Even if there is no magic "off button" on a person in the form of a vital point with which the opponent can be oberpowered with a simple push, it was possible to learn that there are places that are better suited for a counterattack than others. Finally, after all the participants had had the opportunity to get to know their own pain points, Grandmaster Roland demonstrated a few ways of fending off the opponent's foot techniques. Two graduations also took place during the course. Doris Watzka from KAMAI Freiburg e.V. faced the scrutinizing gaze of instructors Wilfried Fischer and Torsten Zumpf and we congratulate her on her 1st DAN Mano Mano. In addition, Instructor Ralf Notter was awarded the 6th DAN Modern Arnis by Grandmaster Roland and thus the MAMD can welcome a new Junior Master to its ranks. Congratulations, Master Ralf!

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