Report on the Reminiscent Course 2015

On the weekend of October 3rd - 4th the Reminiszenz course with Grand Master Wolfgang Schnur (10th Dan) as well as an Arnis course took place in the sports hall of the riot police.
All over Germany numerous participants came to be instructed by the grandmaster.
After a cordial receipt of the grandmaster, Torsten Zumpf, the initiator of this training course, began, after warming up the participants with partner skill exercises on the basis of one to four sticks. It was about speed as well as a hard stability.
Torsten Zumpf and GM Wolfgang Schnur showed us, for some participants, new techniques, corrected mistakes in posture or execution and deepened our knowledge of known techniques. The focus was on Sinawali. A clou and new for everyone was the practice of the double Sinawali in three, together in a triangle and in a row.
When disarming using the scissors disarm GM Wolfgang emphasized the correct position of our weapons. Despite his health condition, he demonstrated, for example, how powerful and targeted an effective block with manual support can be. The grandmaster let us practice seven blocks in series and made sure that everyone executes them correctly.
At the end of the day all participants were called and were allowed to receive the certificate of participation. In addition, many participants received their certificate for the next class, which was a special surprise.
In the evening all participants were scheduled for a cosy get-together in a Greek restaurant and were able to review their impressions, experiences and acquired knowledge during an appetizing meal.
On Sunday the 4th of October, much earlier than the day before, we entered the smaller sports hall and you could see the joyful faces of the participants.
Under the direction of Torsten Zumpf we deepened our acquired knowledge and applied it to different disarms with counter-attacks.
We dedicated the first part of the training time to the Anyo. For each of us it was necessary to learn a new Anyo or to consolidate the subtleties of a well-known one.
At the end the wish of some participants was fulfilled and we tested our abilities in the relaxed 1/1.
In a pleasant way we said goodbye to each other with joy for the next common training course.

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Author of the text
Martina Bahn, André Lüders