Examination and Anyo seminar from Augst 17-18, 2013

 And again the members of the Dojos Braunschweig, Leipzig and Königslutter started a two-day course to deepen their techniques and to learn further techniques.
On Saturday Master Roland Herlt (6th Dan) started his warm-up program in the still cool Dojo in Rautheim, where Torsten Zumpf (1st Dan) had his place at Roland's left side for the first time. It didn't take long and the first drops of sweat fell on the tiled floor. Afterwards Roland divided the groups after the belt colors and began with loose Sinawali, whirling and Redonda. Next we practiced the individual exercises of the respective examination program, which were then internalized again in the partner exercises. After the short stick (Daga) with the different counter possibilities was alternatively inserted with the partner exercises, Roland rang in for the first coffee break, which Wilfried had prepared for the participants.
After the coffee and cake refreshments, the individual exercises were repeated and changed by the use of a Dulo Dulo, while the advanced participants deepened their knowledge in Palis Palis.
Roland was always there, answering questions and directly responding to each individual and improving on bad habits in the positions or defense techniques of the students. Roland always saw everything ;-)!
The time passed quickly and the second break had already arrived again. After another short refreshment we went on to the last round. We went back to our examination program and trained now cutting techniques and Hirada. Finally, disarming was practiced in application until Roland called for the line-up.
The evening ended with a cosy get-together with sausages and potato salad. All in all a very nice first day of training.

The next day in the Dojo Königslutter the warming up in the form of a basketball game with the football was started traditionally after the greeting.
This time Roland had taken on the Anyos, from Anyo Isa to Anyo Apat. Due to the numerous repetitions in the Anyo partner application or by running with closed eyes, the sequences burned into the heads. The coffee and cake sponsored by Renate and Wilfried was gladly accepted during the short pauses for thought. After the refreshments we continued with further short basketball games. Now the heads were free again for new and receptive.
The course was concluded with a little coffee klatsch until the last ones said goodbye to the well-deserved rest of the weekend.

Author of the text
Nicole Reschke
Name of photographer
Wilfried Fischer