Modern Arnis-seminar "solo baston" in BS-Rautheim on July 18

On this sunny Saturday, single stick was on the program as a course topic, which was led by Senior Master Roland Herlt (7th Dan).
A lot of Arnisadores met in the Dojo in Rautheim.
After a joyful greeting and short conversations with the sport comrades, who came from Leipzig and Wernigerode among others, everyone started to change.
Due to the warm temperatures, Senior Master Roland let after short inquiry to the participants, the training course take place outside.
After the greeting a loose warming up program followed, first without, then with stick and afterwards vortex techniques. After that we went straight into the partner exercises, with the eight basic strokes right and left, followed by blocking, grasping and counter-stroke.
Then followed distance exercises with counter-attack, -butt, -sting and striking block. The partners were changed again and again. A low graduate student always had to turn to a higher graduate student. The aim was for both partners to benefit. The task for the higher graduated student or advanced partner was now to pass on the knowledge he had learned to his partner in word and deed. A further difficulty was that the exercises had to be done with the left hand, not with the so-called "chocolate side". By now at the latest, many question marks and calls for help for Senior Master Roland could be seen among the advanced students. The time passed quickly and it was called to the first deserved break. The offer to strengthen went far beyond coffee and cake. One or the other snack of some participants could be found on the table.
The second unit included the first three disarmament techniques: Hand lever, scissors and wrap disarmament. For the advanced ones also with the left hand.
After that the second break was called.
Afterwards the location was changed and the training continued in the Dojo. Now it was a matter of repeating the contents of the training course and thus internalizing them. The advanced ones were to practice freestyle in the meantime.
After another short break the last session for this day followed. At first, however, a group photo was taken. At the end of the course there was 1-1, followed by 2-2.
After the greeting and changing there was the usual treat with more small talk and a little later it was time to say goodbye.
However, most would meet again the next morning, because in Königslutter a knife training course waited for the athletes.
We would like to thank Senior Master Roland for this great course as well as the many donors for the generously set break table.

Author of the text
Frank Stallmann