04.02.2023 - Modern Arnis / Kombatan

On 04.02.2023 it was finally time for the first course of the MAMD in the year 2023 to take place in Königslutter. Under the direction of Grandmaster Roland Herlt, the highly motivated participants started the new course year. Besides the instructors Torsten Zumpf from Leipzig and Wilfried Fischer from Weddel, 25 other students and experts showed up to learn from the Grandmaster. A great result, which shows with which anticipation the beginning of the training year was looked forward to.

True to the new course concept of the MAMD, there was no theme for the course. After various common basic exercises, such as the different fighting positions, the correct simultaneous rotation over both foot pads or Sinawali, the Grandmaster divided the students and experts into experience groups and gave each group tasks that corresponded to their respective level of knowledge.

Despite all the training enthusiasm, of course, there was also a break. As always, a large number of participants provided various snacks as well as coffee. Big thanks to all of them at this point! But more important than food and drinks was the opportunity to meet friends from other dojos and to talk to them.

Much too fast the intense 4 ½ hours were over and we had to say goodbye to each other again. But in March it continues in Leipzig with the next course already!

Author of the text
Patrick L.
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