Kombatan Presas Style


... is a realistic self-defense and combines the Filipino martial arts Modern Arnis and Mano Mano.

GM Ernesto Presas Sr. disarms opponentModern Arnis: Filipino stick and weapon fight
Mano Mano:    weaponless self-defense

The aim of our training is to develop the ability to defend oneself adequately in every situation, in addition to the character and mental training which should be part of every Budo sport.


Modern Arnis

GM Ernesto Presas Sr. uses a lever for opponentsThe Modern Arnis is not to be understood as a stick fight, because not only the stick defense against stick attacks is taught, but effectively all possible defense and attack combinations. Firstly, it is about defending oneself with everyday objects that are quickly graspable in reality (belts, pens, etc.), secondly, it is important to be able to defend oneself against attacks with weapons that are used in today's street fighting - bottles, sticks, knives, chains, etc.... Therefore the handling of weapons is trained, because only those who can handle a weapon are able to defend themselves adequately against it.
This range of weapons is not identical with the traditional knife and machete techniques, which in turn represent their own system: the classical Arnis. The cultivation of the traditional Filipino martial arts, which the Spanish conquerors of the 16th century already had to deal with, are an obligatory part of the training.
The transfer of the stick techniques to other objects as well as to the weaponless is an important basic idea in Modern Arnis. We train the use of everyday objects such as umbrellas, beer mugs, bottles, pens, etc. in realistic situations.

Mano Mano

GM Ernesto Presas Sr. explains a technique to studentsThe Mano Mano was developed from Modern Arnis and represents its own weaponless close combat system. The origin was the double-deck techniques of Modern Arnis. Without having to learn completely new techniques, the blocks and counter-attacks were transferred from the stick area to the weaponless area and modified accordingly. Blocks and blows are as much a part of the Mano Mano technique as throws, levers, kicks and disarms.




Our sport is thus divided into two closely related systems: the weaponless area (Mano Mano) and the weapon fighting area (Modern Arnis). This division continues consistently up to the examination regulations, in which two examinations are taken for each belt colour - one with objects and one without.