Anyo and Anyo in Application Course in Königslutter on 07.05.2022

On 7. May a course was given by the instructor Torsten Zumpf, organised by the TSG Königslutter. The topic on this day was: Anyo and Anyo in use.
After the welcome, the popular group photo was taken.
This was followed by a relaxed warm-up and the Filipino twirling of the sticks in motion according to GM Ernesto Presas Jr.
Torsten Zumpf demonstrated to all of us what it should look like and all participants took part step by step right away under instruction. You could literally see the fun in everyone's eyes. After a lot of practising and asking questions, Torsten also got into the Anyo Wala, which he had created himself. Anyo Wala means Anyo "zero". This serves students who are completely new to the world of Filipino martial arts to familiarise themselves with the turns, strikes and blocks. There, the first techniques of our MAMD Kombatan are practised in an understandable way in a fixed form.

The students from Halberstadt were completely dedicated to Anyo Wala during the course and were grateful that Mandy took a lot of time for them to explain the individual techniques of Anyo. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the course due to an injury.

The other participants then practised and refreshed the familiar anyo techniques that are part of the programme from level 8 onwards. Furthermore, the application of each section was trained with partners.

Afterwards, everyone was grateful for the coffee and cake provided by GM Roland Herlt and his wife Renate during the break. At this point the biggest thanks for this welcome refreshment.

After the break everyone was receptive again and Torsten showed us the Anyo Isa Double Baston (1st double stick Anyo) with application. It looked longer at first glance than it actually was.
All participants were able to take away a lot from this day and we thank Torsten for teaching us Anyos in application so devotedly.

Finally, there was an averted form of Anyo Wala as a kind of Tai Chi meditation. This was also called "Anyo of Joy". Everyone participated with great enthusiasm and in the end understood that the very slow execution led to joy. :-)

And so another successful course day had come to an end and everyone said goodbye to each other and looked forward to the next time.

Author of the text
André Lüders
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