Course Hirada and Classic (04/2019)

On Saturday, 27.04.2019, the training course Hirada and Classic took place in the Landessporthalle in Königslutter under the direction of MAMD-/IPMAF-Instructor Torsten Zumpf (4th DAN).

The course began with a description of when and how Hirada is used. Afterwards we did a relaxed warm-up training to prepare our leg muscles for the upcoming one. A nice exercise was the very deep fast squatting. According to Torsten's report Filippinos can even sleep in this squatting position. But of course we didn't plan to do that. We continued with a partner exercise afterwards. Thus we trained cut exercises with the stick to both sides with cuts from above diagonally downward, to the hip and from below diagonally high. In order to get a better feeling for the cuts, the exercise was repeated again with machetes. Another important preparatory partner exercise was the deep dodging downwards. You had to pay particular attention to your head and put it on your shoulder and still look at your partner. After the exercises followed the entrance into the Hirada. The basic movement of the arms is to form an umbrella. It was important that the energy goes forward and that one dodges deeply, ideally in the squatting position. After this first session followed a break with delicious coffee and many biscuits for strengthening.

After the break the Hirada continued. This time with turn and counterattacks. In addition there was the Hirada with evasion to the left side with counterattacks. This form of the Hirada is also called Sirada. After another short break other classical techniques followed. Thus, diligently lying eights were trained on the walls, the so-called Figure 8. Furthermore, the techniques Rompida and Banda y Banda were also practiced. Then it was a matter of using these techniques as counterattacks and connecting them with the Hirada. Next, a free Anyo was run in which Torsten built in the previously practiced techniques. This was practiced several times before the course slowly came to an end. At the end of the course, the participants said goodbye to each other and took a lot of knowledge with them. Not to forget the following sore muscles, because one noticed unfortunately that this muscle area is otherwise not stressed so frequently. :-)

Author of the text
Anna Litvinov