Exam Seminar

Seminar with Instructor Roland Herlt (5th DAN)

The date was Sunday March 13th 2011 in Braunschweig.
In the morning shortly before 10 am the first participants were already there and chatted outside in Wilfried's yard due to the super weather. A perfect start into the training day, especially as it was still a mystery how many participants would be arriving.
10 am approached and it became more and more participants. I thought the Dojo would burst at the seams and be transformed into a sauna during training. But Petrus meant well with us and so we just trained outside on the yard in the first beautiful sunbeams of the year.
First of all, of course, a group photo ... when the hair is still lying, then a greeting and seamlessly into the warm-up phase. We started with simple exercises, which increased further and for some of us the twelve-strike attack system with the left hand presented itself as a challenge.
Meanwhile the first sweat beads became visible and the faces took on a reddish color. Others, on the other hand, their heads smoldered like a chimney.
Damn, the stick in the left hand again.
Roland always gave new training instructions after an exercise sequence and checked up on the correct conversion with the help of Bruno. Here a correction, there a correction and in between a little trick or a follow-up technique.
I always wonder why we have two halves of the brain ... with one would probably be much easier.
Meanwhile others practiced for their subsequent exam. Congratulations to all the passed graduates and many more successful training days.
At this point also once thanks to the photo people. They made many memorable pictures possible. I am especially curious about Kathi's pictures from a bird's eye view.
In no time at all it was lunchtime and we enjoyed the provided drinks and delicacies.
It went on, new techniques here new techniques there, in between change of partners and again a new insight. So it went on until the end, whilst we sweated through several shirts and became richer in some experiences.
I almost forgot to mention our nestling from Braunschweig, the little Tessa. She mixed successfully with the big ones and did not let herself be defeated. My respect for that, keep up the good work!
Finally, a word of thanks to the trainers and everyone who contributed to this course in any way. Also thanks to the people of Leipzig, who took the long way on themselves and participated superbly.
Until the next course

Author of the text
Patrick Raddatz
Name of photographer
Thomas Karolczak