Modern Arnis Seminar der MAMD

On Friday, 07.09.12, Karlheinz and Rudi made their way to Braunschweig. A course of the MAMD with Modern Arnis was on the program and the two wanted to extend their knowledge again. Actually it should start from Penzberg or Bichl with the train, but the train company had once again set up a rail replacement service and so they decided to go to Tutzing by car. However, from there it went quite fast and the trains drove according to plan.

Around 8 pm our Arnisadores arrived in Braunschweig and were picked up by Roland Herlt and brought to his home. There they were already expected by his wife Renate, so that they could move into their sleeping places. Afterwards they went to the Chinese restaurant for a refreshment. There one could go enjoy oneself with a delicious buffet really well and create the necessary basic nutrition for the coming training course days. The evening ended with vivid videos of Kombatan style founder Ernesto Presas.

On Saturday it should start at 1 pm, so there was still a lot of time after breakfast. So what do you do with such free times? Right: Training! So, sticks in the hand and off into the garden - some preliminary work. One has heard about the partner Anyo (Kata - Form) before and had started the first attempts a few years ago, but then it was put into the back of ones brain. So, to a new start: Redonda, 8 x Single Sinawali, 10 x Double Sinawali, Disarmament, 7 strikes Single Sinawali, Disarmament, 3 strikes Single Sinwali Disarmament and Sting. Sounds very simple, but................................................

Punctually at 1 pm the training course in Königslutter with Master Roland Herlt, 6th Dan, welcomed the participants. Beside the local Arnisadores, participants from Leipzig and ours ours from Penzberg had arrived. After a warm up, which should make above all the wrists supple for the coming techniques, basic exercises were trained with fast partner changes, until all had reached the correct operating temperature. Afterwards we went to the forms Anyos of Modern Arnis by grandmaster Ernesto Presas sr. After a short time the grou was divided into two groups, one dedicated to the Anyo Isa Solo Baston and a second group dealing with the higher anyos. Roland and Bruno Hendris (2nd Dan) helped the participants with intensive explanations and discussions of the subtleties, as well as the backgrounds and procedures to the individual techniques. In the further course partner techniques, disarmament, defense with everyday objects were practiced. Untiringly and very patiently Roland showed again and again improvements of the respective techniques. Grandmaster Wolfgang Schnur, 9th Dan, did not miss the opportunity to visit the group and to personally greet the guests.

The last unit was used by Instructor Roland for exams and our Penzberger were also allowed to compete. It had to be shown vortex techniques with one and two sticks as well as with chain. Defence from stick attacks with various techniques as well as with Billardkoe, newspaper and also a beer mug was used. The final exam was a theory examination about the FMA's (Filipino Martial Arts). Karlheinz and Rudi successfully completed the tasks they had been asked to perform, wet from sweat and a little worn out. After another sweaty partner fight with quick changes, the training day ended with the presentation of the certificates to the examination candidates (Martin Thiele, Alexander Bach, Karl Heinz Hauswurz and Rudi Gabert).
The biggest part of the troop met shortly after with Renate and Roland for a cosy grill evening. Of course there was a lot more talk about the seminar and other FMA topics. But the tiredness overpowered some and so it went exhausted but satisfied into the bunks. The people of Leipzig had also been given a place to sleep by Renate and Roland, so that the next morning they met in a large group for breakfast together.

The second training day took place in Braunschweig in the Dojo of Wilfried Fischer. A great location in a converted barn! And see there, also some memories from Penzberg and the Idokan Seminar 2011 in Greece were to be found here in the form of friendship pennants and commemorative plaques.

After the warming up Roland dedicated himself again to the Anyos and taught the advanced students another form, the Anyo Apat, which was practiced at the beginning with many question marks but then with great enthusiasm. Afterwards one went with Sinawali and the partner Anyo into the depth, in order to refine and improve the technique. Also on this day Grand Master Wolfgang Schnur appeared for a flying visit to say goodbye to the participants from Penzberg. After a short lunch break the higher ranking students dedicated themselves to the topic Espada y Daga (machete and knife) and the lower ranking students to the use of everyday objects.

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