Conference and year-end training at MAMD

The meeting of the Association was scheduled for 10 November this year. Rudi and Karlheinz took the opportunity to travel with the DB. Unfortunately we arrived again late in Brunswick. After a fine dinner with GM Roland and his wife Renate, an intensive DAN training in Wilfrieds Dojo in Brunswick/Rautheim followed on Saturday morning. GM Roland demanded a lot from his black belts: 1-1 in Mano Mano to warm up. Then the same, only one partner was armed with a stick, the other with a Daga. Now the training really took off: Espada y Daga (right and LEFT hand), Hirada (right and LEFT hand) and finally Freestyle of course right and LEFT hand. Exhausted - not only physically - we took a shower.

In the evening we met in Königslutter for the conference. GM Wolfgang was happy about the numerous participation of the Dojo leaders and instructors. Both thanks for the past year and the announcement of the activities for the coming year were the concerns. Especially the appearance of the newly designed internet presence was met with great interest among the participants. The evening ended comfortably with many conversations with good friends.

On Sunday the participants met for the year-end training in the gym in Königslutter. The instructors Ralf Notter and Torsten Zumpf gave a lecture for Modern Arnis and Torsten Kosuch was in charge of the part knife techniques. In all areas the participants were challenged accordingly. Rudi and Karlheinz were invited by GM Wolfgang to an adjoining room during the training. Here the two had to demonstrate Mano Mano techniques. At the end of the training Rudi and Karlheinz were surprised, because they both got the 2nd Dan Mano Mano.

Now it was time to say goodbye to our dear friends in the north and Renate brought us to the station. The DB surprised us again this time. Everything went smoothly and we were home on time.

Author of the text
Karlheinz Hauswurz
Name of photographer
Thomas Karolczak